About Us: Transforming Business with a Personal Touch

At Bathurst 1816, we’re not your typical business consultancy. We firmly believe that in the world of business, it’s the people that truly matter. Drawing from extensive backgrounds in investment banking, sales, crypto, tech, commodities, and sourcing, we merge our diverse expertise with a personal touch to empower you with the tools for success.
We recognize that businesses at every stage of development must optimize their time, resources, and budget. To ensure you attain the results your hard work and vision deserve, we tailor our services precisely to your needs—nothing more, nothing less. This approach has earned us a reputation as the consultants ideally positioned to facilitate lean expansion in your industry.
When it’s time to elevate your business the smart way, look no further—Bathurst 1816 is your partner for success.”

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Your business deserves nothing less.

Guided By Our Values

By joining forces with you and your business right from the outset, we seamlessly integrate as the supplementary sales, marketing, or research department you’ve always envisioned.

Our objective is to ensure you are impeccably equipped for every phase of your journey, all while delivering a personalized and adaptable service that truly sets us apart.


From day one, we approach your business with the same dedication and integrity as if it were our very own.


At every stage, we maintain a commitment to openness and transparency, ensuring you are fully informed about our results.


We offer industry-specific expertise that truly sets us apart and makes a significant difference.


Our unwavering passion for our work continually fuels our drive.


We understand that in business, it's often the smallest details that drive significant transformations.

Proven Results

In the realm of business, we firmly believe that results speak louder than words.

We take pride in serving leaders in every industry."

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